Wednesday, August 5, 2009

dont judge me

sooooooi havent posted.... ever.. whatev. these are five of the most random photos from the last three weeks here. blogger only lets you post five at a time, thats annoying, so i hope you like them. by the way.... echmm... 10 days+one plane ride= me and jamie in utah

this...well... where do i even start... ya know how EVERYONE LOVES FOREVER 21!! no no... they dont, not compared to how much puerto ricans would KILL for it, and they almost did. let me tell. so this forever 21 opened out here and some of the girls we worked with told us that they were having this grand opening and that the FIRST 300 people got a $210 gift card, (210 because it has 21 in it. get it? i didnt just now) BUT, ok we were told ALL OF THE FIRST 300, and we asked credible sources, trust me... like every employee in the whole friggin store, so... ya you bet.... we were FIRST in line. the give away was at 6 A.M on saturday morning, so we started camping out friday... at 8 PM. you may laugh and think we are freaks but you know you would do it for 210 dollars too. even if you dont like the store. dont lie to yourself. so we are chillin outside the mall, which is called plaza las americas, and people start to show up and before we know it the line it 300+ people long. but ya... we are still FIRST. like obsessed freaks... but i didnt even care. ANYWAYS.. luckily this totally random guy was like lets start a list so that people know we are legit. so we sign the list and never see the guy again. after several games of uno, painting my toes bright alien green and eating a quesadilla, i was ready for bed. so i put my i pod in and layed on the mall entrance floor ( what do you call that? the mall's patio) ya im laying on it. NASTY. but whatev. so you wanna know what woke me up? people... acting like cattle... being herded. i was pulled up out of my dreams and yanked into the corner, in a matter of seconds i was being squished/suffocated, rubbed up against, dripped on ( by other peoples sweat) and nearly died. im not sure why this happened or why everyone went CRAZY but it happened, and if you tried to leave they pushed you harder against the wall. i thought i was going to die.. for forever21... really? not worth it. and i got that. so just to paint a better picture for you here.... we are SSSMMMASHED up against the mall doors- its looks like there is fog on them because its hot.. but no it was FACE GREEASSEE!! gag me. its humid and not lying probably 85 degrees but insane humidity. everyone has terrible i-have-not-brushed-my-teeth-in-16-hours-breath, everyone is dripping sweat, B.O and yelling/screaming. ALL IN SPANISH. so im like a sweaty little deer in headlights that has no idea what is going on. Luckily i have spanish friends that could translate the mayhem for me. SO the security guards that are inside the mall are laughing at us and taking pictures. there is news cameras. ALL FOR FOREVER 21!!! ahh!! i dont even like that store THAT much! ok so the night finally ends and this lady FINALLY comes out and says- every one of you is insane and if your name is not on this list and you dont have id to prove it.. leave. we get in this long line and they finally ESCORT us into the store because people that were not on the list were trying to charge us and yelling NO AMERICANS!! NO AMERICANS!! jamie and i were the ONLY americans keep in mind. such friendly people. so we finally get in the store and all the employees are cheering and whistleing for us devoted freaks... which... you can call me that.. because i kinda got way passionate about the whole thing, im just choosing to leave that out of this story, but the cheering made me feel like a big freak and i didnt like it. so i get my gift card, open it, and it was for TEN dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then they said oh.. you can win UP TO 210.... but you just get ten. i wanted to say the F word. SO pissed. SSSSSSSOOOO pissed. so call me a freak and judge me... but veronika(co-worker) stole a bracelet from them.. so me and forever 21 are square. 
this is normal.
so is this. save a car-ride a horse- bag the cowboy. ( is that funny?? cuz i totally think im way clever right now)
didnt even color boost this one. no lie
we took a weekend trip to a little island off of puerto rico called Vieques..its so beautiful. but thats another story.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

"these people KNOW how to go to the beach!!"

This is Escambron Beach... which is actually prob only a mile away from our house...we took the sketchy metrobus to get here though..
We work hard for del sol. yes we do
So i'm sitting in the living room and i hear a HUGE crash..i go running into the bathroom to see what happened and the sink is sitting on the floor and smashed this pipe on its way down...good job casey. Dad, (boyd) if you're reading this give me a call and tell me how to replace a sink pipe (we need to before margarita the landlord comes around)
One of the way sweet colorful streets down here in Puerto Rico. Were obbsessed with all of the colors!
This is part of Old San Juan, it was built in the 1500's. If you ask the crazy guy Tito(whos's real name is herman) who we were walking around with apparently you can hear the "sword fights" late at night...hmmm we might have to check that out

Sunday, May 17, 2009

We started another island adventure!!

Hello hello....this is JB and KC

Its 5 months later and no we didn't end up moving to Hawaii..but we moved to PUERTO RICO! we absolutely love this are so pictures of our apt.. enjoy and
buenas noches (good night)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

so long bloggers

ok so you know how this blog started off as a blog to "inform" everyone what we were doing. and i will admit i was really good at that for the month of july and then.... downhill from there. it turned more into a journal, which really is too bad because now no one knows what we have been up to for the past 6 months. well... here is your update.

"welcome to del sol! where everything changes color in the sun :)"
"jamie... beach?" "casey...indeed!"

there is your update. we work a lot a lot a lot and we play even more. well... that might be a lie. but we do have a whole lot of fun. we have made it all the way to two more weeks to go. it went so fast. now we are headed back to the snow and to school and to the regular hustle and bustle of life. i know, and i am speaking for both JB and myself, that this was such a life changing experience that we will never forget. 

until next time (which may be in may, when jamie and i move to hawaii)

adieu adieu 

Thursday, November 27, 2008

well it is thanksgiving.. time to list my gratefuls

1. family. i have the best family. hands down. from extended to immediate. they are the real thaang. the bomb dot com. the butter to my bread. i love them and cant wait to grow old with them. body. yes yes i said it. i am grateful for this "buff should be a shot putt thrower/call me helga, piece of muscle" bod. it gets things done, is healthy, and has all working parts. and for that..i could not be more grateful. thumbs way up to healthy bodies.

3. the gospel. my testimony. a loving Heavenly Father, faithful leaders, the plan of happiness, the plan of salvation, the holy ghost, eternal marriage, good choices, and the knowledge of knowing the best is yet to come.

4. education opportunities. i cant wait to get back to school. to fill my mind with more than color changing products and translating broken english cant cant cant wait. money to get through college, my father who has worked hard his whole life so that i can go to college and a mother who had taught me that going to school is worth it. 

5. encouragement-words of, thoughts of, others testimonies, confidence, passion for living/loving life. past present and future experiences. for learning the hard way. for overcoming. for being loved. for being casey.

6. love. love. love. love is a wonderful thing. love that last forever. love that is real. love that loves back. love. for all those i love, for all those who love me. i love you.

hope your day was great and your waist lines are bigger.
i hope tomorrow you have a perfect day

Sunday, November 16, 2008

badanka dank

hey waaaaass upp foos??

so...............we come home in 42 days..
who is stoked!?

ok this post is for my grandpa booth. hey gramps i did get your comments and LOVE that you read my blog. i love you and miss you and what is your email address?? thank you so much for being there with my mom at the hospital by the way. she loves you. i love you. we love you.

ok enjoy these pictures playyazz, we are terrible at the self timer shot. there are like 17 more where these came from... none with us in them. 

oh and that last picture hahahah lemme see you try to pull off that dance move. serious skilzz right thurr


Sunday, November 9, 2008


i miss my sister abby. i do. abby and i were best friends when we were little. did everything together. my favorite memories of abby are these: she slept on the top bunk and i slept on the bottom, sometimes in her bed, but most nights on the bottom. she would stick her hand down the wall so that i could see it and i would hold her hand all night. we said that if we let go we would die haha so stupid but i loved it. or when i was sure that abby had a wonderful singing voice, she doesnt, and i would make her sing me to sleep. or when my mom bought us these sibirian stuffed tigers at the zoo and abby and i made a HUGE house out of candle cardboard boxes for the tigers. we played in it everyday. we were elite children with excelling artistic minds. ha
this is my sis. andie. she wants to be just like me. ever since i can remember she has been my shadow. i remember missing school just so i could stay home and play with her and do her hair. we are best friends and always will be. some of my favorite memories with andie are just going to the mall and shopping or to the park or just chillin. we chill a lot and i really really miss her. she is so witty and hilarious and i think it is SO funny when she swears at me haha she is nine and swears. i have taught her well :)
this is mckay. he is the bomb, and awesome, and will destroy you, and is so strong, and weighs almost 200 pounds, and kills on football, and has girls all over him but turns them all down... but i am sure he has already told you all that haha. even though mckay is a TAD bit cocky he is so funny. probably one of the funniest people i know and he is stronger than me even though he is stronger. mckay and i had the funniest conversation the other day. we were talking and i asked if his muscles had grown and he said of course but then said.. well.. kinda i have been praying so hard to get bigger and i said i have been praying SO hard to shrink.. i think the Lord has mixed up us two.. drat..
this is chad. he is a babe and good at almost everything he tries. he has the softest heart and will be a friend to anyone. he used to have a lisp and it was so adorable. i talked to him the other day and his voice has totally changed. kinda freaky. chad is so stylish everywhere he goes. everything that i say that is funny i have stolen from chad. he just knows how to make people laugh ( and thanks syd for the pic i stole it off your blog)

ahh i miss my family. 49 days!!!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008


ok ok i get it you all LOVE jamie more than you love me. whatever. 

i should just end the blogging business now and give it over to her. change the name is jamieandcasey.blogspot rather than CASEYandjamie.blogspot. cuz that matters.. it does. 

haha no no i am THRILLED jamie blogged. i was seriously harassing her to figure out why she snapped her laptop shut on me and i must say it was a huge surprise when i got onto the blog and saw that she had posted. and the black eye from her elbow is SO worth it. she is so awesome always giving me little surprises:) whats next JB?? roses. i wouldnt hate it.... 

ok but i am having some thoughts and i would like to share some of them. i have been sitting here on my bed for at least a good hour reading and crying over nienie's blog. if you do not know what that is look to your right on this blog page and click on that pink thing that sayd nie recovery. it is about a mother named stephanie and her husband christian who were in a private plane crash in august and are recovering still from serious burns. they have 4 beautiful children that LUCKILY were not with them. her blog is so awesome. she has been a blogger for years and she truly is so inspiring. she is so in love with her husband, children, and life, has such a strong testimony and makes the best out of every situation.

after reading her blog and going through a roller coster of emotions starting with being totally depressed that i am not that good of a mother to my children and not madly in love with my husband and then realizing i dont even have a hubby or children and then laughing so hard at her ADORABLE red headed child and all of her funny funny stories and considering going vegetarian like her, starting yoga, and having all my children sans medicine... so after all that i saw the bigger picture and i am glad i saw it.

President Hinckley being the amazing prophet that he was once said "Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured" that is a quote we should all live by. forever and everyday.

why are we quick to get mad at others and hold grudges? why do we get down on ourselves for not being a size 2? why do we not enjoy everyday for all that it is worth and soak in every bit of the 86,400 seconds of everyday. we are here to love life. we are here to find joy. to become our best selves. to laugh a lot. to love one another, to eat sugar, to work hard, to play hard, to try hard, to be passionate, to learn, to take a moment for ourselves and give the rest to others, to do service and to ENJOY what God has given us. Nie has opened my eyes, like she has to so many other, i am going to stop worrying about worldly things, stop stressing about not being the coolest person ever, the funniest the best blogger and just LOVE life. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! i am going to do that. i am. and i hope you all do the same. 

Casey doesn't know i'm blogging.....

So i know this has turned into caseys blog instead of "" like the title refers to, so i JB am going to make a post.....

ahhhhh ok ok this is as far as i got before casey jumped on the bed and asked what i was doing so i slammed my trustly little macbook shut and and wildly declared that i wasn't doing anything...she proceeded to ask and i proceeded to yell nothing...well this went on for a good 45 seconds before she decided to threaten my life with a kirkfreeport bag if i didn't tell her what i was up to... so i layed on my bed with my body over the laptop to protect all the secrets of my secret blogging. that didn't stop casey...o no it didn't, she jumped right on my back and tried to wiggle it out from me I elbowed her in the eye almost broke her glasses and now i'm typing on the floor in the privacy of our little bathroom. casey forgive me. 

ok so for those of you who don't know we just survived a major hurricane paloma (you'd think it would have a more fierce name) but anywho i'm sure casey will blog about it later but as for now we have survived for all of you who were concerned....

as a recent request by many people we need to post pictures so this one is for you..
love sneaky JB, and oblivious KC

Saturday, November 1, 2008

ssssssssooooo while doing my regular blog stalking i found myself getting super upset that NO ONE has updated forever and then i thought to myself...YOU have not updated casey, guys... i know i know and its not that i dont have tons and tons to say because i totally do i just... meh... dont wanna blog lately. but i am going to take one for the team and post something so that no one thinks those nasty thoughts i think when i look at a favorite blog and there are no new updates.. so abby and taryn, the little people, this one is for you. holla.

there had been countless funny things that have happened the past little while. omg i am rotf just THINKING about it haha wtf.. why am i being a  crappy blogger i need to tell you people these things!! share the love here! i am going to give you a list of things this blog is going to contain so that i am REQUIRED to blog about it.
1. the dog attack
2.JB's family comin to visit and my parents coming to visit.
3. the new bracelets for halloween we received
4. our highly intoxicated neighbor arnold
5. the 7th day church glasses
6. late night outta CONTROL parties

ok...well once again i am sick of blogging so that is all you get...ill tell you about it later..

HAHA JK!!! can you imagine if i told you all that and then just stopped!

ok here i go. ok let me scroll up to see what my number one is... this could get annoying.

the dog attack. 
JB and i are incredibly fit if you all didnt know that by now. stallions we are. so to maintain these perfect physiques requires some training so we go up to this gym that our friends lynn and mckenzie have at there house and work out. we drive out scooter up there (well we used to... that is another story. scooter is the celestrial world) anyways we are driving up there one morning at 530 A.M listening to some muse enjoying the ride when this incredible large, incredible strong, foaming at the mouth CREATURE attacks our scoot. what did the scooter ever do to you BEAST??!! luckily and i mean LUCKILY i am motocross amazing and swerved the scooter out of danger and up to the gym. seriously so scary. i mean can you imagine what we would look like if we didnt get to the gym one day!! ahh! fatties.

2. scroll scroll scroll....
ah yes the families coming. having the our parents and JBs brother and sister here was a true treat. we all had so much fun and the weather was perfect due to some intense intense prayers of faith on the behalf of sunny weather. we did EVERYTHING you could think of to do on this little island. JB and i got to do it all for a 3rd and somethings 4th time but it never gets old. who doesnt love the turtle farm or going to the city hell just to see a sign that says "welcome to hell" FOUR TIMES?!?! we dont hate it!!! we dont!!.........?

3. my grandma is hilarious, as is JB's. they sent us the most ironic things with our parents. JB's sweet little grandmother sent us all the ingredients to make fudge. ahh.. who does that besides swweet swweet old ladies. we love her. love you DONNA! my grandma... who just had a stroke and is recovering with FLYING FLAPPING COLORS, keep her in your prayers, sent us these hilarious bracelets that are orange and purple. mine has spiders on it and says happing haunting and jamies had ghosts and said boo boo boo hahahah she is so funny. and i am keeping it on even past halloween that is how much i love it! thanks grandmas!!

4. Arnold is our philipino neighbor. he is odd. he only has one pair of boxers and maybe 2 tank tops... never really seen him in real clothes, always offers us straight vodka and is SHOCKED when we refuse.. and he has a mistress, well... thats what we think. she only shows up when Arnold is home alone... CALL ME CRAZY....but...?? i dunno.... i say mistress. so we stalk our neighbor. get over it. so we are sitting on the couch one day at lunch with our lap tops propped perfectly on the back of the couch so we can get internet and we see Arnold and his mistress through the blinds. they are hugging and kissing and showing some serious TLC and JB and i just stare. with our lack of TLC we stare when we see it, maybe even drool, totally lame i know, you can judge us. so JB gets the novel idea to take a picture. why? not really sure. but she snaps one FFLLLAASSHH they both look at our window and Arnold walks over in his boxers and white tank and starts POUNDING on the door. not knocking or just saying "jamie jamie" at the window like they normally do. he is pounding. so what do we do? hide. ya we hide. we run in our room and hide. time comes around and it is time for us to go back to work so we have to face him. we open the door and he, who is totally drunk, asks about the picture. we totally deny is and act SO confused. through the mumble jumble of the words i couldnt understand that he was saying i heard "put on myspace" ha what a weirdo. why would we post a picture of you on myspace? whatev

ok this post is wicked long. stop reading now if your eyes hurt or have a friend read. sorry... wish i could say it is almost done..

5. so there we are riding our bikes around in circles in the parking lot of the seventh day church. round round round circle circle cirlce when JB had a great find. she saw these old, run over beat up wheres waldo glasses on the ground. she picks them up and is like casey look! and puts them on her face. haha i give her a sympathy laugh, she realizes it is just a sympathy laugh and drops them. INSTANTLY like 3 cars start honking their horns and rolling down their windows. "MAM!! YOU DROPPED YOUR GLASSES!! MAM!! YOUR GLASSES!!" a little overwhelmed JB is like haha "ok thanks!" and keeps walking and they honk again "NO! MAM YOUR GLASSES!! YOU DROPPED THEM!!" JB looks at me with confused little eyes and i am like uhh... go pick them up!! haha she does and we die laughing when all the cars have finally passed. just goes to show you that you are ALWAYS being watched. haha so funny

6. our scooter broke the day we picked JB's family up from the airport.. therefore making us walk it home from the airport... blah. so her fam was here tuesday to tuesday and then mine came the tuesday hers left and stayed till the next tuesday so.. obviously scooter less and family abundance we have not been driving up to lynn's gym. when we did we would go to bed so early so we could wake up at 5.. but now... we stay up LATE!! haha like 10...maybe 10:30. we feel so rebellious. how lame are we? way lame. i know. so the other night we are like "LETS PULL AN ALLNIGHTER AND DO TONS OF FUNS THINGS LIKE WATCH MOVIES AND GO SKINNY DIPPING AT LIKE 2 IN THE MORNING AND IT WILL BE SO FUN MAN!!" so we turn on the CD now 15 and dance for way too long, way too hard, and way too weird. and are passed out dead asleep by 11. way lame? ya i know.

ok so that was a huge blog. hope you like it. and taryn i hope you get off my back for not posting. love you all. COMMENT the blog guys! make me feel like me writing this counts for something... come on come on come on. 


Friday, October 10, 2008


well i have so much that i want to say in this post, but dont really have any material to tell you. 

regardless... JB and i (thats jamie brady for short... her blog name... if you will..which i know you will... because i say so) tangent. JB and i are straight up idiots. fell straight down from the idiot tree. 

we have this super awesome super GHETTO motorola phone. it is so old, like still has the blue screen. ya know what i mean. was the shiz... but now has no more shizz status. well its ours. we love it. it is durable and dependable. double D is what we call it. no we actually dont. but what i am trying to get at is that we love this phone. 

so today she/he we dont really know the gender, dies. dang. ok so we get home plug her in and she just keeps blinking her fab blue screen at us. ok.. start charging. HELLO! no nadda... blink blink blink. 

Jamie and i, whoops i mean JB and i are not total teenagers that HAVE TO HAVE THEIR PHONE TO TEXT MESSAGE ALL OUR SUPA FLY FRIENDS! no we really arent. we loose the phone more times than we actually have it, but we do need it. it is indeed still our popular stick. ok so we decide to take it into the cable and wireless store, they are like a wanna be verizon, we wait FOREVER!!! and i really should not say FOREVER like i am bugged because i was not, it got us out of standing on our feet at a very slow day at work, but im still going to say FOREVER because it makes the story better.kinda. ok so we wait FOREVER and finally get our turn with the customer service lady. tell her our prob with the ghetto phone and she says that "that is not my field, go talk to the other man outside" oh you mean the guy that has not had a line this whole time?? oh but NOW he has a line... great. thanks a million cable and wireless girl. ( ha i really was not bugged at all, its just the small details that make stories funny. is this funny even? you tell me.) k so we get into his line and then get called to this little desk with this super tall super thin guy. he looks at the phone, laughs, which kinda upsets me because... she is a legit phone. she still works and had worked flawlessly for like 20 some off years probably, dont laugh at her. ( i have subconsciously declared the phone a girl i just realized) anyways he pops the back off and is like, " who has been fiddling with the phone?" umm?? i dont know?? he flips the battery around and tells us it was in backwards. ok... do we feel STOOPID? ya you bet. blue ribbon for the cable and wireless guy. so we quickly tuck our tails between our legs and get out. 

we are straight up idiots. wouldnt you all agree? 

next tale of the day. before i begin i want you all to take a guess on what it is about. go ahead. come on. guess. ( this will only really be funny if you are a faithful reader to me... so like... mom and sandy... OH and boyd... i know he loves the blog. steph too.. hey steph!! miss ya) ok any guesses??

FREE FOOD!!! finger food none the less. 

Scotia bank was having a customer appreciation day.

ok question. how do we find out about these weird free food events? dont ask. i really cant answer.

so we go to the bank with our little jamaican friend andrea. she is so funny and i THINK she might have a hint of lesbianism in her. she held JB and my hands the whole way to the bank, which was like 2 blocks. very awkward... haha... weird.

well we get in and head straight to the food table. immediately Scotia bank employes surround us and are like " um its CUSTOMER appreciation day... are you doing business with us?"
i  totally played the dumb blonde card, which surprisingly still works even though i have sick poo color blah hair. whatev. i was like "well we didnt do business TODAY... then andrea pipes in says some stuff i didnt quite catch, i was too busy piling free food onto my plate. i think the employee got confused and before she knew it we were gone and so was a good portion of her deserts. i ate some of the cake and stuff on the walk back and when i got back i gave a piece of cake, just like the one i ate, to Samantha and she was like "oh yum! RUM CAKE:)!! haha of course. 

well thats about all i have to say today.
talk to you soon

JB and case

Monday, September 29, 2008

jamie you sing! doo doo doo duh doo doo doo hhahahaha

ok so i have been trying to get onto my blog for like twenty minutes now, trying every email i have, which is two, and password, which is one, and it was switching it all around making me another jamie casey blog. i dont want two, one will do. what in the world, drrraammma. but i am hear now and it is good to be here. how is everyone?? i have not blogged since the seventh?! and today the month is over..time is FLYING!

ok so like a month ago shalynnER ( hahahahaha) tagged me or whatev it is called and i need to list six random facts about myself so... echm... here i go

1. most people already know this, but it is so strange none the less, i can not do the number three on my left hand. dont know why, birth defect, i have never been able to and totally totally thought it was the norm till about... oh fifth grade. my fifth grade teacher, mr. malmrose, made you put your hand in the air with the number 3 on your fingers if you had to go to the bathroom. this way he would not have to stop his lesson and ask what you wanted he would just see the 3 and nod. genius really. ok not so much for casey. i would hold up this retard of a hand and never get the nod. thanks a million mr.m for making me look like a fool and never getting to empty my bladder which leads me right into my next fact

numba 2. my bladder is so so small. i feel like this is gross talking about my inside body parts. it should not be weird. we all have them and YOU would be the weird one if you didnt. right?? but i still feel weird so we will keep it short. my bladder is SO small. no biggie for me to pee OVER 20 times a day. annoying? INCREDIBLY!

twa(took french for five years and can not remember how to spell 3, that is a random fact in itself) number 3 i dont like bottom lash mascara. well i should be more clear i do not like it on myself, i feel like a spider and uggs. some people look great i just feel..?? creepy. i dont want everyone to stop wearing it on their bottom lashes now though, because i know my opinion on the where abouts of your mascara IS the most important one you get... no no no keep wearing i will just choose to not.

4. i think my family has bad luck, well not bad lucky we are so so so so extremely blessed. so i wouldn't say bad luck but, things always go wrong for my family. no lie. things break, not because of us, usually, things just break, we got guitar hero for Christmas, put it in, wouldn't work. our neighbors got it. it still works. we are on our THIRD unsuccessful CD and 2nd play-station. it just doesn't work. we also LOVE to pay full price for everything. my mom will go to the store and buy something expensive and then the next day or week someone gets it from the same place for WAY cheaper. i can not think of any good examples but things just break and what not. zippers, buttons, cds, CARS, scooters, all of it.. we paying full price and then busting it. its our thing i guess?? we also are alwasy second best. i feel like we are always being one up-ed. we are not the most competitive people in the world but that gets annoying let me tell you. its weird it is like bad karma or something.. strange. uprades is another big one. i will buy the new high tech fancy duty woohoo and then no less than a month later the NEW-ER improved high tech fancy woohoo comes out. without fail. whatev.. im over it.

5. i am an abnormally loud chewer. i get it from mr.guy madsen. ever since i was little i always thought that my dad chewed so loud and i would think "gosh dad hungry?" but i am the same way!! down at college i would always go sit it taryn's room and talk to her with a little bag of carrots or something. i would only stay for a few minutes before i was harassed and kicked out. apparently the chewing was too loud and interrupted her blog stalking. she'd rather be a freak and know every small detail of you fellow bloggers lives than put up with the carrot chomping and build a stronger relationship between the two of us. taryn... PRIORITIES!!

6. this is probably not that random i think a lot of people do this but i count every step i take when i am just walking somewhere alone. i do it without thinking. all of the sudden i am just counting on number 27 or something and just continue, i dont know if i started from number one but i just catch on where ever i am and start counting. im also obsessed with time. i love writng down every second of everyday and to do list and things i want to accomplish how many pages of the book i want to read my exact calorie intake. this can be a healthy habit but i need to stop i stress myself out too much and get so angry at myself if i do not get to cross off everything on my list. kinda freaky

ok there are some random facts. thinking of those was a lot harder than i thought but it is done and i can cross it off my list ha. i will try to get jamie to post six things about her because i feel like her family would like to hear from her rather than me.

BUT, before i go i want to give a shout out to my parents. both of their birthdays were this month and i want them to know how much i love them. i never compliment them enough on things that really count. i always tell my mom the dumbest things about her that impress me. like parking she is so so good at parking our huge denali perfectly in tiny little spots. like at costco where all the car are like two inches apart. she gets in their straight up. incredible. or shuffling cards, she does that bridge thing and i never dont awe. i will never be able to do that. i blame in on my retard hand birth defect. or her hand writing. she could hand write wedding invitations. i never tell her that i think she is so beautiful and that i want to be just like her when i grow up. i think she has raised us kids with such a perfect balance. we set high goals for ourselves and try hard in all that we do and that is because of her. all that i am i owe to my mother. and to my dad, he is the jolliest dad out there. i love making my dad laugh more than anything. when my mom laughs at me it is no big thing because she laughs ALL the time but my dad when he laughs i feel like freakin jerry seinfield. i think i am so funny. he is the most tender man and has the strongest testimony. because of him i know without a doubt the church is true and what love for the gospel and for family really is. i love my parents.

p.s. jamie and i joined out choir at church. HEAVEN HELP US!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

"nigger"itis.... happens

what in the world? i am coming down with what? nigger-itis?? hmm.. strange. for all of you who are terribly worried about my health at this point or where i stand on racism, nigger-itis is what you get after you eat a large meal and then start to feel tired. haha that one threw me for a loop when after lunch one day my black friend Elisia told me i had niger-itis. in my head all i could think was... dont laugh... or should i? what in the world is nigger-itis and what response is she looking for?! she read my face perfectly, saw the stress and explained...ha... it happens.
ok so to do a quick catch up on some events that have been pretty solid in our life i posted a few pictures. eat them up i hope you love!

after work one day we headed to this rockin beach. amazing. we just read and totally chilled, it was a perfect way to end a perfect day on a perfect island in our perfect lives. 
this is what we look like now. a little sun kissed and super super SEXY!
this is ROYLEE ROLSTON ahh he is SO SO cool. he is this new member in the branch and he has the strongest testimony. i can not even explain in an entire blog how amazing he is. i would just break out into song about how much i love him and how incredible he is so... to spare you the howling..i will just say he is amazing and so fun and did WONDERS to our scooter! the two goofy looking kids are the elders. elder Snyder and elder Robertson. what a pair. 
there is this new investigator with the missionaries. he is from Honduras and his girlfriend is from arizona. she wanted to come down here to help him find his way into the church and so the missionaries asked us if she could crash with us for a few days. we are super nice and super good hostesses so of course we said yes and she is here with us now. last night we had the first discussion with the missionaries and boy the CHURCH IS TRUE!! it was amazing and so touching to see someone understand so much and... wow.. here comes the songs... it was great. we'll leave it at that. BUT the coolest thing about this new investigator, besides the fact that Christ is now in his life and he is learning how to pray yadda yadda yadda haha just kidding, he is the captain of one of the boats that goes out to sting ray city and now we have FREE hook ups WHENEVER we want. YATZEE!!! look at the blessings be freaking instantaneous! the above picture is a picture of him, Barren, riding a sting ray. 
and finally, i can not believe i am putting up this Chinese version looking picture of myself, but these starfish were MONDO! and they would suck your hand. ha i just looked at the picture again. my face is so goofy. call me Ching Yao. haha ok that is all for this post sorry it is not even funny. whatev

until next time
Ching Yao-the Chinese man

Thursday, September 4, 2008

lessons learned

ok ok seriously where do i begin? lets start from the top ok? ok! Today at work Avi Nash told us that the new store called Diamonds international was opening and they were having this grand opening party with free finger food. now you all know how i feel about free food (refer to post beneath this one) so we were there right on time. 4 o clock on the dot... nothing. there was no free food no party just trucks setting up.. drat... oh well we will come by later we thought. so we go home watch a healthy amount of our new obsession "LOST" marry me jack please please please then decide to head back on foot. it is not a far walk but that point is relevant in a minute.

 we get there and there still is the same stupid truck, cops, and a dj table but NO food. ya ya ya there is millions of dollars worth of diamonds we could go look at.. BORING! we want the food. we are starving at this point and did we bring our wallets, nope... we were really putting all our marbles on the free finger food. so we walk ALL THE WAY back home. on the way home we both have this inner debate.. should we go to institute? we should we have nothing to do.. i am so hungry my stomach is eating itself... talk about good angel on one shoulder and devil on the other... so in trying situations like this what do you do? bargain. perfect. we said that we would call sarah and if she can give us a ride we would go. we call sarah.. nothing.. call again.. nothing. ok.. LETS EAT! 

we take our scooter this time and were planning to park in the parking lot we always park in but it was closed due to the "diamonds international grand opening totally LAME party" so we drive a little further traffic traffic traffic.. we start going down a one way road in the wrong direction AHHH!! before death caught us we skid into cayman cameras parking lot, caught our breath and heading to margaritaville. we get there.. closed. what is the freaking deal? we start walking back to diamonds international for the THIRD time. there has GOT to be free food by now... nothing...swear words... we finally give up on the free finger food and decide to go to this local coffee house and get a stupid muffin or something. just then we get a text BEEP BEEP bEEp its shalynna, she says sarah is out of town and the elders will be teaching institute.. the debate starts again and poof the good angel and bad devil are back. we should go.. ya we should.. ah we will be late... well we will be blessed.. ok lets grab something real fast and go over. ok. we now have a plan. 

right next to the coffee house there is this little party going on with loud music. we are drawn to the music, round the corner and guess what we see. FREE FINGER FOOD!!! hahaha we must have had the wrong party or something or Heavenly Father is blessing us with free finger food for making the correct choice to attend institute. one of the two.... it is this art gallery show. they just got all these new art pieces from various art programs that are held in local prisons and juvenile camps... ok so.. the food is there no one is eating it they are all looking at art. jamie and i did not want to be rude so we said we would go inside look at the art real fast, grab some grub and head to institute. we get inside and the art projects are FOR SHIZZ SUPA FLY! seriously so cool. i decide to buy one on a whim.. does the girl go to a juvenile school for bad decisions? ya you bet, but i support her in trying to get better and give her $50 for this wicked cool piece of art. i'd take a picture but it has to stay there for a few weeks, anywho... we now dont feel so awkward for getting the food because we are indeed buyers and TOTAL supporters of this little show. 

we grab some food. there was chicken, meatballs, crackers, and fruit. YUM! they did not have big plates because it was "finger food" they just had little plates to catch the crumbs. Jamie and i loaded up... that plate will never hold that much food again. to escape the embarrassment for our oversized towering plates of food we go around the building and sit on the stairs and gobble down our food. when finished we look at the time... it is way to late to go to institute (our slow browsing of the art pieces was unintentional to pass time..i swear). we would show up a half hour late which is rude so we bagged that idea and went to see if they set up a desert table. 

they had not, but there was more food... so.... yes you guessed right! we got more. there were only two tiny plates left. we were so lucky! we load up our plates again as quietly as we can because some lady is giving a speech about the prisoners blah blah blah grab me some crackers! this little girl walks up approx. age seven, but that is just a guess, she says "there is no more plates....?" quivering lips and puppy dog eyed and all. it was so that moment from Aladin when he steels the bread and sees the two hungry children digging trough the garbage and gives them his loaf. who really takes life lessons from Disney movies though? so we did not give her our plate. she walks away and then the bottom of my plate breaks and sauce starts dripping EVERYWHERE! knock knock who is it? Karma? IM A BELIEVER! we grab some napkins and jet back to the stairs. gobble gobble gobble yum yum yum unbutton the pants.. and then we go back for desert. there is none. we expect way to much from these stupid parties. we did indeed see a HUGE cooler full of juice boxes. kinda weird? you can think that but i loved it. we grabbed some, one for now one for the road, stuffed our pockets with crackers,we're american. portion control....what?? then we leave. finally. as we are walking back to the scooter we pass the now thriving diamonds international party. there are super tall and slender women in beautiful dresses sipping wine and laughing elegantly at dumb smart jokes that are probably not even really funny, wearing diamonds, naturally.. haha jamie and i walk by juice box in hand sip sip sip and cheddar crackers crunch crunch crunch while they look at us with disgust almost. lifestyles of the rich and the famous..sheesh... it was a very Lehi's dream great and spacious building moment. 

and that raps up the night. life lessoned learned? go to institute and always support art shows put on by prisoners.


Monday, August 25, 2008

hello hello... where is your brain?

we have been here for almost three months now and so this tale i am about to tell really is shocking. EVERYONE, well almost everyone, that comes into our store has a bright yellow bag that says "Tortuga Rum Cake" being the curious human being that i am i asked jamie what is tortuga rum cake? she said casey of course it is rum cake. i said well naturally it is but is the rum bad for you or does it get cooked out? she did not know either and so we asked our trusty friend and manager Mr. David Crandell. he said that indeed the rum is poured onto the cake AFTER it is baked. making it, for all of us mormons, OFF LIMITS! dang it... ok so today my indian friend Avi Nash wanted to go to tortuga to get a patty (these luckily are not covered in rum and they are the most delicious things ever!) he asked me to join him for the friendly stroll and indeed i did. we walked into Tortuga, me being fully aware of where we were and what they sold there disregarded the HUNDREDS of rum bottles on every wall and was completely focused on the tons and tons of cakes they had laying out on the table. i have been trying really really hard to be as healthy as possible and so this delicious temptation staring me in the face...well lets just say i was wide-eyed and speechless. to make matters even better Avi says to me. try one they are free samples. OK!! FREE CAKE WHEN ALL I HAVE BEEN EATING IS EGG WHITES AND CELERY YA ILL TAKE A PIECE OF FREE CAKE! in all honesty i completely completely forgot that this was indeed "rum cake" ( the conversation i mentioned with david happened a few months ago and so it was not fresh on my mind.. nothing was fresh on my mind but the cake...) so did i try just one sample of cake? no. did i take over ten small sample pieces and a couple extra of the banana flavored one? you betcha. i go back to the store and start to tell all the girls how delicious this cake is and that it is FREE and you can take as much as you want! hooolldd upp.... "casey you ate the cake? jamie would not eat it because there is rum in it"



the wheels in my head then start to turn... it all starts making sense... click click click tortuga rum cakes= RUM cake...duh

so here i am trying to be a good example to these girls and tell them how awesome the gospel is and trying to always choose the right with them and pick my words wisely everyday and then i go get intoxicated with rum cake.... am i awesome? yes i am...

and just so you know the banana cake is the one they add the most rum too. OF COURSE!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

make it stop make it end

neighbors... love them as i do...they have got to go. leave.. get out.. pack up and ship out. it is 11:02 here and Jamie and i are trying to get some sleep. "why in the world are you blogging then casey?" a question i am sure you are all asking. one word


it is taking all that i have in me not to get out of bed, retainers in, vicks nostrils, face masked face (really does wonders if you sleep with it) bra-less, barefoot and not knock down the neighbors door, rip their karaoke machine out of the wall, throw it on the ground and jump on it until it is in a million tiny little musical pieces and then guiltlessly walk out of there and get seven good full hours of beauty sleep. like i said it is taking everything in me not to do that. "WELL GO CASEY!! YOU HAVE EVERY RIGHT!"

i know i know you are all thinking that and would totally support my decision because it would make for a funny blog not for the sake of my sleep.. but i am not going to do this because these are indeed the neighbors that give us their internet. it is so nice of them to give us their internet but guys come on!! sweet caroline sung by neil diamond is great who doesn't love it but these vodka drinking, late night karaoking MACHINES SUCK!! aaaahhhhh or berlin's and kenny loggin's take my breath away with a philipino accent is my new lullaby. i wake up wanting to go hop in a jet, kiss tom cruise breathlessly, and ship off to battle... and trust me you dont want to wake up feeling that way. jets make you motion sick. tom cruise is old and freaky and ....
ohh wait...! song change ....we got a new song here...what is it??


total eclipse of the heart... ah... my night just keeps getting better!!

i love i love

feed the fire ladies..

marrissa, payton, KC,and crashauna
julianna and jamie

last week jamie and i went to girls camp. SHHWWIING! if i had to explain it in one word i would say that word would be "blissfull" it doesn't get much better than feeling the holy spirit and livin on a beach. The cute little girlies that went to girls camp were Crashauna, Marrissa, and Payton. we went to this BEAUTIFUL beach out on east end with this mega huge PRICEY house... did we go into the house??.. course not.. but the beach was all ours. we set up some tents and did the whole first aid, fire safety diddy, had some devotionals, roasted some s'mores hiked around, and bore the testimonies. it was the perfect girls camp. Jamie and i did this little edible fire activity...ha we make a mean fire. a SAFE fire may i add. no forest/island fires here. these girls have never had an out door girls camp!! bring em to utah and stick them in a leech infested lake, tick biting bushes, cold nights, pot gut inhabited mountain and see how they do... not so good i can guarantee that. you would have thought we were pulling their leg off when we told them we SERIOUSLY were NOT showering and you had to do your junk in the sand and burry it. haha good times good times. overall the girls had AWESOME attitudes and i think there testimonies got a little brighter making this world a little better.

smokey the bears casey and jamie

Friday, August 8, 2008


wasssss uppppp bloggersss!!!!???!!
i have not blogged for so long!! the reason being  is the Philippinos that live next door, who we secretly got their internet password, moved. Karma i'd say. thieves never prosper... that how that saying goes?? so if we want internet we have to sit out side in the parking lot and even then we dont always get it. BUMMER! so much has happened though so let me get ya'll up to date. we'll work backwards

Jamie and i had the perfect day today, if i had to live another day again it would be this one. We slept in until about nine. AH! felt so nice. we then read some one the twilight books. we are going to re-read them all before we read the fourth and final. i started the first one a while ago and am not almost done with the second. jamie started today and all i am going to say is i better start reading faster!!! she reads so fast and never has to sound out the words like i do.. hukd oon foniks. these books are so fun and i have NO IDEA how she is going to end them. i am so team while jamie is more team jacob...hmm.. all i know is that i have unrealistic expectationss of love because of edward cullen (yes, i did steel that saying off a facebook bumper sticker-so dont try to call me out on not being original). Moving on  after we read we went for a nice run, well i should not say nice i almost melted and got a wicked bad sunburn on my back. AND i almost got hit by a car, no joking, i  literally jumped out of the way of the fast approaching vehicle. jerks. no worries though i did give them the international sign for nearly taking my life, ill repent later promise. after that we got on our scooter and scooted over to the beach. it was so sunny and there was a nice breeze and we just toasted ourselves for a good three hours. when we were medium well done we decided we should probably jet to work for a bit. we did so and millie, at work, gave us plums, they are red and some are green they taste SO nice! (not delicious, spatular,sweet or yummy....just nice like everything else right?) so after work, which was not really work, we went out to dinner to celebrate our missionaries sixth month mark. we went to this place called "eats" we got grilled chicken and a wrap and even spoiled ourselves with an appitizer. after that we rode home wind in our hair and on our hot skin with our VERY full bellies. we decided we would burn a few cals and went on a walk only to load back up on them when we hit dairy queen. we spoiled ourselves AGAIN and didnt get just the little cones we got BLIZZARDS! well, i actually got a malt, so tasty. taste it love it crave it. while we were walking to DQ we were listening to the ipod and singing annoyingly loud. it didnt seem to annoy anyone else though, they would just laugh at us and start singing along.

while we were eating our ice cream we went and sat out on this fishing dock, it was twilight, haha sorry its on my mind i had to say it, and the water was sparkley and perfect. we sat there for a good hour listening to sappy love songs and watching the sun set. PERF! we then walked home singin again and now i am blogging and when i am done with this i am going to go take a hot shower and then read again. life does not get much better.

Thinking of that hot shower makes me not want to keep typing so maybe another day i will catch you up but for now IM OUT!! hope everyone is enjoying gettting ready to go back to schoool!!!! we'll be on the beach in the meantime:)

love the crisp, burnt, extra well done, full, sugar highed casey and jamie

Monday, July 28, 2008

sunday.... and a SUNday it was:)

store numba two had a supa fly bbq on sunday. lets just say we all happily gained two to three inches around our waistes....perfect. there were so many bebbees there. i am holding little bruce junior, he is rosa and bruce seniors little bundle of joy, shalynna is holding charity, she is sam's baby and so smilely. this tike you see below me is de-andre. he is six months and OF COURSE he is gnawing on a full of chicken bone.. chocking hazaards? who gives right (funny side note, i asked jamie how to spell gnawing i was like "it is with a k or a n?" "its a G" haha what is with the english language?!?!)

i am not so sure how much jamie likes this picture but i feel like it portrays my photography skills to a T. amazing? ya i thought so.. no not so much but to me... it rocks and i rock and am the next .....ha i dont even know a good photographer to call myself. picaso. that'll do. 
we went out to sting ray city on this little dinky dinky boat. the sting rays were MOTHA FREAKIN HUGE!! we wanted to hop in but we were still wearing our dresses from church, once again who gives thou right so we jumped in. we didnt mind that anyone with goggles (so everyone but us) could see under water therefore seeing us and our wahoos! yikes! THANKFULLY i was wearing bike shorts but haha jamie... oh jamie yes indeed she was wearing little undies with cute little pink flowers on them! HOW EMBARASSING! im glad that didnt stop her though because we had such a good time with the steve irwin murderers.

the calling....

we are the nursery teachers in our branch down here. awesome. we love kids, we do... just not more than one at a time.... is that so bad?? this little boys name is dillan. our lesson on sunday was "What We Can Do for Our Brothers and Sisters" his response, "nothing." "can we share our toys with them dillan?" "NO! they have their own town box in their room!" haha "uh...ok go play with the blocks" no we are not that bad but he is a pill. he is 4 and should not be in nursery but he is having a " hard time making the transition" haha i think under-neither it all he is really the smartest four year old out there. he is in nursery playing with toys and getting snacks when all the other kids his age our cooped up in a room forced to fold their arms with NO snacks. its all how you look at it i say.. and dillan is working it!

This is Christopher. He threw up only THREE times on sunday. poor little guy. he speaks so english. not a lick of it. this doesn't mean he speaks spanish though. he speaks nothing. the only word he knows is "GOAL!" whenever he kicks a ball that is what he yells. so adorable minus the barf;)

we often take sunday walks in nursery. the kids get to relax, since nursery is such a stress, and see a new environment. they love it. two laps around the church usually has them beat and we can just read stories the rest of the time. GENIUS!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

no saying no

One of the women that works in the store asked us over to dinner on thursday night. her name is olga. she has two overly rambunctious little girls. they are such divas and dance like they belong in a strip club, they love barbies and they never shut up to say the least. adorable. but it is a lot to take in when you are around them. their names are Ashley and Ashanti. Olga was going to pick us up at the church right after institute. before we headed to institute we called her just to confirm all of our plans. this is how the conversation went. C=Casey O= Olga
C: hey Olga i am just calling to make sure that it is okay that you take us home after we eat dinner.
O: oh yes baby it is totally fine we can take you home unless you want to just sleep over??
C:.......................................uh?... ( covering the phone with my hand "jamie..... she wants us to sleepover?? what?")
J (jamie): .............................uh? what??? tell her...............uh.........
C:..............................(uncovering the phone) OK! ( inside my head.... what??)
O: oh! great! ok bye!......hey girls guess what jamie and casey are click she hung up.
After we talked to the girls for a good solid 45 minutes, jamie and i getting in two maybe three full sentences between the little munchkians telling us EVERYTHING that has happened in their six short years of life, we whipped out the barbies and jumped into "pretend" world. ok so pretend you are the mom and i am the sister and pretend that we are going shopping, but pretend i forgot my purse.... i love pretend. i miss pretend. most of the time when we played pretend we forgot to actually pretend and just talked about what we were going to pretend. anyways luckily dinner was finished and we slide back into real life to enjoy a DELICIOUS dinner of steak and potatoes and chocolate cake that no one ate besides jamie and i.. hello fat joke. 

the girls fell asleep before us, because they are like 4 and 6 years old pratically babies, and even though jamie and i have been going to bed pretty early, falling asleep with two kicking,rolling,drooling divas smooshed with all four of us in a princess twin sized bed... well lets just say we got bored... and got out the camera. we were trying to get in.... well i dont know what the ultimate goal with these pictures were but we have awesome hair and i have not laughed that hard, and quietly all at the same time in MY 19 years of life.

we woke up before them too, and say in bed and chilled until mama olga came to wake us up, three hours later, haha what a night to remember.  i am glad we didn't say no because Olga would have been offended and this post would not exist and lets be honest this is a funny post.
love jamie and casey in the not so pretend world of sleep-overs with babies.