Wednesday, August 5, 2009

dont judge me

sooooooi havent posted.... ever.. whatev. these are five of the most random photos from the last three weeks here. blogger only lets you post five at a time, thats annoying, so i hope you like them. by the way.... echmm... 10 days+one plane ride= me and jamie in utah

this...well... where do i even start... ya know how EVERYONE LOVES FOREVER 21!! no no... they dont, not compared to how much puerto ricans would KILL for it, and they almost did. let me tell. so this forever 21 opened out here and some of the girls we worked with told us that they were having this grand opening and that the FIRST 300 people got a $210 gift card, (210 because it has 21 in it. get it? i didnt just now) BUT, ok we were told ALL OF THE FIRST 300, and we asked credible sources, trust me... like every employee in the whole friggin store, so... ya you bet.... we were FIRST in line. the give away was at 6 A.M on saturday morning, so we started camping out friday... at 8 PM. you may laugh and think we are freaks but you know you would do it for 210 dollars too. even if you dont like the store. dont lie to yourself. so we are chillin outside the mall, which is called plaza las americas, and people start to show up and before we know it the line it 300+ people long. but ya... we are still FIRST. like obsessed freaks... but i didnt even care. ANYWAYS.. luckily this totally random guy was like lets start a list so that people know we are legit. so we sign the list and never see the guy again. after several games of uno, painting my toes bright alien green and eating a quesadilla, i was ready for bed. so i put my i pod in and layed on the mall entrance floor ( what do you call that? the mall's patio) ya im laying on it. NASTY. but whatev. so you wanna know what woke me up? people... acting like cattle... being herded. i was pulled up out of my dreams and yanked into the corner, in a matter of seconds i was being squished/suffocated, rubbed up against, dripped on ( by other peoples sweat) and nearly died. im not sure why this happened or why everyone went CRAZY but it happened, and if you tried to leave they pushed you harder against the wall. i thought i was going to die.. for forever21... really? not worth it. and i got that. so just to paint a better picture for you here.... we are SSSMMMASHED up against the mall doors- its looks like there is fog on them because its hot.. but no it was FACE GREEASSEE!! gag me. its humid and not lying probably 85 degrees but insane humidity. everyone has terrible i-have-not-brushed-my-teeth-in-16-hours-breath, everyone is dripping sweat, B.O and yelling/screaming. ALL IN SPANISH. so im like a sweaty little deer in headlights that has no idea what is going on. Luckily i have spanish friends that could translate the mayhem for me. SO the security guards that are inside the mall are laughing at us and taking pictures. there is news cameras. ALL FOR FOREVER 21!!! ahh!! i dont even like that store THAT much! ok so the night finally ends and this lady FINALLY comes out and says- every one of you is insane and if your name is not on this list and you dont have id to prove it.. leave. we get in this long line and they finally ESCORT us into the store because people that were not on the list were trying to charge us and yelling NO AMERICANS!! NO AMERICANS!! jamie and i were the ONLY americans keep in mind. such friendly people. so we finally get in the store and all the employees are cheering and whistleing for us devoted freaks... which... you can call me that.. because i kinda got way passionate about the whole thing, im just choosing to leave that out of this story, but the cheering made me feel like a big freak and i didnt like it. so i get my gift card, open it, and it was for TEN dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then they said oh.. you can win UP TO 210.... but you just get ten. i wanted to say the F word. SO pissed. SSSSSSSOOOO pissed. so call me a freak and judge me... but veronika(co-worker) stole a bracelet from them.. so me and forever 21 are square. 
this is normal.
so is this. save a car-ride a horse- bag the cowboy. ( is that funny?? cuz i totally think im way clever right now)
didnt even color boost this one. no lie
we took a weekend trip to a little island off of puerto rico called Vieques..its so beautiful. but thats another story.


TJ and Stephanie said...

HaHAHA Case! You're such a nut! I loved it. It was a funny post, you're right!! hahaha If i had $210extra dollars.... I would give it all to you! -No lie-

Taryn said...

oh you know how to touch my heart...write a freakin good blog! That just made me happy...I wish i could be in some of your adventures with you guys!!! I loved the part where they were saying NO AMERICANS... I would flip out and just ran away and hide haha! Please update more often do it for me...come on you know you love me it!!