Thursday, November 27, 2008

well it is thanksgiving.. time to list my gratefuls

1. family. i have the best family. hands down. from extended to immediate. they are the real thaang. the bomb dot com. the butter to my bread. i love them and cant wait to grow old with them. body. yes yes i said it. i am grateful for this "buff should be a shot putt thrower/call me helga, piece of muscle" bod. it gets things done, is healthy, and has all working parts. and for that..i could not be more grateful. thumbs way up to healthy bodies.

3. the gospel. my testimony. a loving Heavenly Father, faithful leaders, the plan of happiness, the plan of salvation, the holy ghost, eternal marriage, good choices, and the knowledge of knowing the best is yet to come.

4. education opportunities. i cant wait to get back to school. to fill my mind with more than color changing products and translating broken english cant cant cant wait. money to get through college, my father who has worked hard his whole life so that i can go to college and a mother who had taught me that going to school is worth it. 

5. encouragement-words of, thoughts of, others testimonies, confidence, passion for living/loving life. past present and future experiences. for learning the hard way. for overcoming. for being loved. for being casey.

6. love. love. love. love is a wonderful thing. love that last forever. love that is real. love that loves back. love. for all those i love, for all those who love me. i love you.

hope your day was great and your waist lines are bigger.
i hope tomorrow you have a perfect day

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