Thursday, September 4, 2008

lessons learned

ok ok seriously where do i begin? lets start from the top ok? ok! Today at work Avi Nash told us that the new store called Diamonds international was opening and they were having this grand opening party with free finger food. now you all know how i feel about free food (refer to post beneath this one) so we were there right on time. 4 o clock on the dot... nothing. there was no free food no party just trucks setting up.. drat... oh well we will come by later we thought. so we go home watch a healthy amount of our new obsession "LOST" marry me jack please please please then decide to head back on foot. it is not a far walk but that point is relevant in a minute.

 we get there and there still is the same stupid truck, cops, and a dj table but NO food. ya ya ya there is millions of dollars worth of diamonds we could go look at.. BORING! we want the food. we are starving at this point and did we bring our wallets, nope... we were really putting all our marbles on the free finger food. so we walk ALL THE WAY back home. on the way home we both have this inner debate.. should we go to institute? we should we have nothing to do.. i am so hungry my stomach is eating itself... talk about good angel on one shoulder and devil on the other... so in trying situations like this what do you do? bargain. perfect. we said that we would call sarah and if she can give us a ride we would go. we call sarah.. nothing.. call again.. nothing. ok.. LETS EAT! 

we take our scooter this time and were planning to park in the parking lot we always park in but it was closed due to the "diamonds international grand opening totally LAME party" so we drive a little further traffic traffic traffic.. we start going down a one way road in the wrong direction AHHH!! before death caught us we skid into cayman cameras parking lot, caught our breath and heading to margaritaville. we get there.. closed. what is the freaking deal? we start walking back to diamonds international for the THIRD time. there has GOT to be free food by now... nothing...swear words... we finally give up on the free finger food and decide to go to this local coffee house and get a stupid muffin or something. just then we get a text BEEP BEEP bEEp its shalynna, she says sarah is out of town and the elders will be teaching institute.. the debate starts again and poof the good angel and bad devil are back. we should go.. ya we should.. ah we will be late... well we will be blessed.. ok lets grab something real fast and go over. ok. we now have a plan. 

right next to the coffee house there is this little party going on with loud music. we are drawn to the music, round the corner and guess what we see. FREE FINGER FOOD!!! hahaha we must have had the wrong party or something or Heavenly Father is blessing us with free finger food for making the correct choice to attend institute. one of the two.... it is this art gallery show. they just got all these new art pieces from various art programs that are held in local prisons and juvenile camps... ok so.. the food is there no one is eating it they are all looking at art. jamie and i did not want to be rude so we said we would go inside look at the art real fast, grab some grub and head to institute. we get inside and the art projects are FOR SHIZZ SUPA FLY! seriously so cool. i decide to buy one on a whim.. does the girl go to a juvenile school for bad decisions? ya you bet, but i support her in trying to get better and give her $50 for this wicked cool piece of art. i'd take a picture but it has to stay there for a few weeks, anywho... we now dont feel so awkward for getting the food because we are indeed buyers and TOTAL supporters of this little show. 

we grab some food. there was chicken, meatballs, crackers, and fruit. YUM! they did not have big plates because it was "finger food" they just had little plates to catch the crumbs. Jamie and i loaded up... that plate will never hold that much food again. to escape the embarrassment for our oversized towering plates of food we go around the building and sit on the stairs and gobble down our food. when finished we look at the time... it is way to late to go to institute (our slow browsing of the art pieces was unintentional to pass time..i swear). we would show up a half hour late which is rude so we bagged that idea and went to see if they set up a desert table. 

they had not, but there was more food... so.... yes you guessed right! we got more. there were only two tiny plates left. we were so lucky! we load up our plates again as quietly as we can because some lady is giving a speech about the prisoners blah blah blah grab me some crackers! this little girl walks up approx. age seven, but that is just a guess, she says "there is no more plates....?" quivering lips and puppy dog eyed and all. it was so that moment from Aladin when he steels the bread and sees the two hungry children digging trough the garbage and gives them his loaf. who really takes life lessons from Disney movies though? so we did not give her our plate. she walks away and then the bottom of my plate breaks and sauce starts dripping EVERYWHERE! knock knock who is it? Karma? IM A BELIEVER! we grab some napkins and jet back to the stairs. gobble gobble gobble yum yum yum unbutton the pants.. and then we go back for desert. there is none. we expect way to much from these stupid parties. we did indeed see a HUGE cooler full of juice boxes. kinda weird? you can think that but i loved it. we grabbed some, one for now one for the road, stuffed our pockets with crackers,we're american. portion control....what?? then we leave. finally. as we are walking back to the scooter we pass the now thriving diamonds international party. there are super tall and slender women in beautiful dresses sipping wine and laughing elegantly at dumb smart jokes that are probably not even really funny, wearing diamonds, naturally.. haha jamie and i walk by juice box in hand sip sip sip and cheddar crackers crunch crunch crunch while they look at us with disgust almost. lifestyles of the rich and the famous..sheesh... it was a very Lehi's dream great and spacious building moment. 

and that raps up the night. life lessoned learned? go to institute and always support art shows put on by prisoners.



David and Shalynna said...

You guys are so funny. I love the way you write. David and I were cracking up. I wish we could have gone. You know that I love free food too.

Ashley said...

wow can i just say i freakin love you and miss you! that is so funny i love it! don't have too much fun girls!