Friday, October 10, 2008


well i have so much that i want to say in this post, but dont really have any material to tell you. 

regardless... JB and i (thats jamie brady for short... her blog name... if you will..which i know you will... because i say so) tangent. JB and i are straight up idiots. fell straight down from the idiot tree. 

we have this super awesome super GHETTO motorola phone. it is so old, like still has the blue screen. ya know what i mean. was the shiz... but now has no more shizz status. well its ours. we love it. it is durable and dependable. double D is what we call it. no we actually dont. but what i am trying to get at is that we love this phone. 

so today she/he we dont really know the gender, dies. dang. ok so we get home plug her in and she just keeps blinking her fab blue screen at us. ok.. start charging. HELLO! no nadda... blink blink blink. 

Jamie and i, whoops i mean JB and i are not total teenagers that HAVE TO HAVE THEIR PHONE TO TEXT MESSAGE ALL OUR SUPA FLY FRIENDS! no we really arent. we loose the phone more times than we actually have it, but we do need it. it is indeed still our popular stick. ok so we decide to take it into the cable and wireless store, they are like a wanna be verizon, we wait FOREVER!!! and i really should not say FOREVER like i am bugged because i was not, it got us out of standing on our feet at a very slow day at work, but im still going to say FOREVER because it makes the story better.kinda. ok so we wait FOREVER and finally get our turn with the customer service lady. tell her our prob with the ghetto phone and she says that "that is not my field, go talk to the other man outside" oh you mean the guy that has not had a line this whole time?? oh but NOW he has a line... great. thanks a million cable and wireless girl. ( ha i really was not bugged at all, its just the small details that make stories funny. is this funny even? you tell me.) k so we get into his line and then get called to this little desk with this super tall super thin guy. he looks at the phone, laughs, which kinda upsets me because... she is a legit phone. she still works and had worked flawlessly for like 20 some off years probably, dont laugh at her. ( i have subconsciously declared the phone a girl i just realized) anyways he pops the back off and is like, " who has been fiddling with the phone?" umm?? i dont know?? he flips the battery around and tells us it was in backwards. ok... do we feel STOOPID? ya you bet. blue ribbon for the cable and wireless guy. so we quickly tuck our tails between our legs and get out. 

we are straight up idiots. wouldnt you all agree? 

next tale of the day. before i begin i want you all to take a guess on what it is about. go ahead. come on. guess. ( this will only really be funny if you are a faithful reader to me... so like... mom and sandy... OH and boyd... i know he loves the blog. steph too.. hey steph!! miss ya) ok any guesses??

FREE FOOD!!! finger food none the less. 

Scotia bank was having a customer appreciation day.

ok question. how do we find out about these weird free food events? dont ask. i really cant answer.

so we go to the bank with our little jamaican friend andrea. she is so funny and i THINK she might have a hint of lesbianism in her. she held JB and my hands the whole way to the bank, which was like 2 blocks. very awkward... haha... weird.

well we get in and head straight to the food table. immediately Scotia bank employes surround us and are like " um its CUSTOMER appreciation day... are you doing business with us?"
i  totally played the dumb blonde card, which surprisingly still works even though i have sick poo color blah hair. whatev. i was like "well we didnt do business TODAY... then andrea pipes in says some stuff i didnt quite catch, i was too busy piling free food onto my plate. i think the employee got confused and before she knew it we were gone and so was a good portion of her deserts. i ate some of the cake and stuff on the walk back and when i got back i gave a piece of cake, just like the one i ate, to Samantha and she was like "oh yum! RUM CAKE:)!! haha of course. 

well thats about all i have to say today.
talk to you soon

JB and case


Taryn from America! said...


Taryn from America! said...

oh shoot....didn't mean to leave the first one.....whoops! but all i have to say is i am i not a follow blog follower!!??? Next time think of the small people ok!

TJ and Stephanie said...

You two are so cute! Thanks for the little shout out! I really miss you guys too.

Abby said...

I'm with Taryn... I am a DEVOUT blog follower. in fact, mom and i read the blog TOGETHER all the time. But did you remember your older/wiser/way more beautiful that you sister? Of course not. Why would you? I have only been in your life since you were CONCEIVED! Like Taryn said, try to remember the little people...we are important too!

P.S. In answer to your "Is this even funny?" question. The answer is straight up yes! Oh man, I just giggle the whole time I read it. You kill me.

P.P.S. I hate this little write down the squiggly letters that don't even spell a REAL word before you place you comment thing. Lets be honest, sometimes those letters are freaking hard to read because of their squiggly-ness. Oh and I apparently put the last one in incorrectly and it gave me a whole new set of jumblie letters and added a little handicapped sign next to it. Almost like its saying, "here stupid! Apparently you can't figure out the last set of squiggly letters because you clearly are retarded. So, here's another set of squiggly letters that are a little bit easier to read for retards like you. Oh, and we're going to rub it in by putting a handicapped sign next to the letters just to remind you how retarded you are. Thanks for playing." It's totally mocking me...

David and Shalynna said...

Thanks for the best post ever. David and I read it for our Saturday night activity. :) We were just sitting at home and we were excited that you updated. You made us laugh. We love you girls.