Sunday, August 24, 2008

i love i love

feed the fire ladies..

marrissa, payton, KC,and crashauna
julianna and jamie

last week jamie and i went to girls camp. SHHWWIING! if i had to explain it in one word i would say that word would be "blissfull" it doesn't get much better than feeling the holy spirit and livin on a beach. The cute little girlies that went to girls camp were Crashauna, Marrissa, and Payton. we went to this BEAUTIFUL beach out on east end with this mega huge PRICEY house... did we go into the house??.. course not.. but the beach was all ours. we set up some tents and did the whole first aid, fire safety diddy, had some devotionals, roasted some s'mores hiked around, and bore the testimonies. it was the perfect girls camp. Jamie and i did this little edible fire activity...ha we make a mean fire. a SAFE fire may i add. no forest/island fires here. these girls have never had an out door girls camp!! bring em to utah and stick them in a leech infested lake, tick biting bushes, cold nights, pot gut inhabited mountain and see how they do... not so good i can guarantee that. you would have thought we were pulling their leg off when we told them we SERIOUSLY were NOT showering and you had to do your junk in the sand and burry it. haha good times good times. overall the girls had AWESOME attitudes and i think there testimonies got a little brighter making this world a little better.

smokey the bears casey and jamie


Ash said...

haha case i gotta say you have a natural flare for blogging :D i loved it! im maybe a little jealous! i want to go to girls camp on the beach! sounds like fun chica. i miss you!

Anonymous said...

its maurissa