Saturday, November 1, 2008

ssssssssooooo while doing my regular blog stalking i found myself getting super upset that NO ONE has updated forever and then i thought to myself...YOU have not updated casey, guys... i know i know and its not that i dont have tons and tons to say because i totally do i just... meh... dont wanna blog lately. but i am going to take one for the team and post something so that no one thinks those nasty thoughts i think when i look at a favorite blog and there are no new updates.. so abby and taryn, the little people, this one is for you. holla.

there had been countless funny things that have happened the past little while. omg i am rotf just THINKING about it haha wtf.. why am i being a  crappy blogger i need to tell you people these things!! share the love here! i am going to give you a list of things this blog is going to contain so that i am REQUIRED to blog about it.
1. the dog attack
2.JB's family comin to visit and my parents coming to visit.
3. the new bracelets for halloween we received
4. our highly intoxicated neighbor arnold
5. the 7th day church glasses
6. late night outta CONTROL parties

ok...well once again i am sick of blogging so that is all you get...ill tell you about it later..

HAHA JK!!! can you imagine if i told you all that and then just stopped!

ok here i go. ok let me scroll up to see what my number one is... this could get annoying.

the dog attack. 
JB and i are incredibly fit if you all didnt know that by now. stallions we are. so to maintain these perfect physiques requires some training so we go up to this gym that our friends lynn and mckenzie have at there house and work out. we drive out scooter up there (well we used to... that is another story. scooter is the celestrial world) anyways we are driving up there one morning at 530 A.M listening to some muse enjoying the ride when this incredible large, incredible strong, foaming at the mouth CREATURE attacks our scoot. what did the scooter ever do to you BEAST??!! luckily and i mean LUCKILY i am motocross amazing and swerved the scooter out of danger and up to the gym. seriously so scary. i mean can you imagine what we would look like if we didnt get to the gym one day!! ahh! fatties.

2. scroll scroll scroll....
ah yes the families coming. having the our parents and JBs brother and sister here was a true treat. we all had so much fun and the weather was perfect due to some intense intense prayers of faith on the behalf of sunny weather. we did EVERYTHING you could think of to do on this little island. JB and i got to do it all for a 3rd and somethings 4th time but it never gets old. who doesnt love the turtle farm or going to the city hell just to see a sign that says "welcome to hell" FOUR TIMES?!?! we dont hate it!!! we dont!!.........?

3. my grandma is hilarious, as is JB's. they sent us the most ironic things with our parents. JB's sweet little grandmother sent us all the ingredients to make fudge. ahh.. who does that besides swweet swweet old ladies. we love her. love you DONNA! my grandma... who just had a stroke and is recovering with FLYING FLAPPING COLORS, keep her in your prayers, sent us these hilarious bracelets that are orange and purple. mine has spiders on it and says happing haunting and jamies had ghosts and said boo boo boo hahahah she is so funny. and i am keeping it on even past halloween that is how much i love it! thanks grandmas!!

4. Arnold is our philipino neighbor. he is odd. he only has one pair of boxers and maybe 2 tank tops... never really seen him in real clothes, always offers us straight vodka and is SHOCKED when we refuse.. and he has a mistress, well... thats what we think. she only shows up when Arnold is home alone... CALL ME CRAZY....but...?? i dunno.... i say mistress. so we stalk our neighbor. get over it. so we are sitting on the couch one day at lunch with our lap tops propped perfectly on the back of the couch so we can get internet and we see Arnold and his mistress through the blinds. they are hugging and kissing and showing some serious TLC and JB and i just stare. with our lack of TLC we stare when we see it, maybe even drool, totally lame i know, you can judge us. so JB gets the novel idea to take a picture. why? not really sure. but she snaps one FFLLLAASSHH they both look at our window and Arnold walks over in his boxers and white tank and starts POUNDING on the door. not knocking or just saying "jamie jamie" at the window like they normally do. he is pounding. so what do we do? hide. ya we hide. we run in our room and hide. time comes around and it is time for us to go back to work so we have to face him. we open the door and he, who is totally drunk, asks about the picture. we totally deny is and act SO confused. through the mumble jumble of the words i couldnt understand that he was saying i heard "put on myspace" ha what a weirdo. why would we post a picture of you on myspace? whatev

ok this post is wicked long. stop reading now if your eyes hurt or have a friend read. sorry... wish i could say it is almost done..

5. so there we are riding our bikes around in circles in the parking lot of the seventh day church. round round round circle circle cirlce when JB had a great find. she saw these old, run over beat up wheres waldo glasses on the ground. she picks them up and is like casey look! and puts them on her face. haha i give her a sympathy laugh, she realizes it is just a sympathy laugh and drops them. INSTANTLY like 3 cars start honking their horns and rolling down their windows. "MAM!! YOU DROPPED YOUR GLASSES!! MAM!! YOUR GLASSES!!" a little overwhelmed JB is like haha "ok thanks!" and keeps walking and they honk again "NO! MAM YOUR GLASSES!! YOU DROPPED THEM!!" JB looks at me with confused little eyes and i am like uhh... go pick them up!! haha she does and we die laughing when all the cars have finally passed. just goes to show you that you are ALWAYS being watched. haha so funny

6. our scooter broke the day we picked JB's family up from the airport.. therefore making us walk it home from the airport... blah. so her fam was here tuesday to tuesday and then mine came the tuesday hers left and stayed till the next tuesday so.. obviously scooter less and family abundance we have not been driving up to lynn's gym. when we did we would go to bed so early so we could wake up at 5.. but now... we stay up LATE!! haha like 10...maybe 10:30. we feel so rebellious. how lame are we? way lame. i know. so the other night we are like "LETS PULL AN ALLNIGHTER AND DO TONS OF FUNS THINGS LIKE WATCH MOVIES AND GO SKINNY DIPPING AT LIKE 2 IN THE MORNING AND IT WILL BE SO FUN MAN!!" so we turn on the CD now 15 and dance for way too long, way too hard, and way too weird. and are passed out dead asleep by 11. way lame? ya i know.

ok so that was a huge blog. hope you like it. and taryn i hope you get off my back for not posting. love you all. COMMENT the blog guys! make me feel like me writing this counts for something... come on come on come on. 



Ashley said...

haha im totally a blog staulker as well :p thanks for the update!!! and im also in a not want to blog about life anymore mood. meh lol i'll update soon as i have amazing stories that top yours. :D oh wait that probably wont happen haha well i'll update soon. as always your post was hilarious. love ya case!

Ashley said...

oh my case, can I just tell you how much I love listening to your stories! ha I just can imagine everything like your right here telling me! they give me great joy while at work! :) um ya next time turn your flash off... maybe give your neighbor a shirt for christmas and get your rest now because when you get back its PARTY TIME!! I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU!

Taryn from America! said...

wow oh wow oh wow!!! That was totally amazing!! I wish you would update everyday haha! Just so you know yes I do check your blog everyday...with out fail...atleast I don't see this anymore asdfjkl;...stupid title...but I will forgive you! I can't believe you guys took a picture of that guy haha so funny you guys make me laugh so hard! I wish I could have those fun times with you. Remember when you locked me out of the house and you recorded it! Haha that was funny to! I miss you guys so much and thanks for including my name TWICE in the I feel so great about myself right now! Love you all!! Post pictures next time :)

TJ and Stephanie said...

FINALLY!!! I know you are not liking blogging right now, but just remember there are those out there who love to read it!!! And a couple of pictures won't hurt either :) Love you guys!