Sunday, December 14, 2008

so long bloggers

ok so you know how this blog started off as a blog to "inform" everyone what we were doing. and i will admit i was really good at that for the month of july and then.... downhill from there. it turned more into a journal, which really is too bad because now no one knows what we have been up to for the past 6 months. well... here is your update.

"welcome to del sol! where everything changes color in the sun :)"
"jamie... beach?" "casey...indeed!"

there is your update. we work a lot a lot a lot and we play even more. well... that might be a lie. but we do have a whole lot of fun. we have made it all the way to two more weeks to go. it went so fast. now we are headed back to the snow and to school and to the regular hustle and bustle of life. i know, and i am speaking for both JB and myself, that this was such a life changing experience that we will never forget. 

until next time (which may be in may, when jamie and i move to hawaii)

adieu adieu 

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Taryn said...

don't give up on blogging yet you still have two weeks! Still give it a try...i want to see pictures!!!! But i can't wait for you two to come home!!!!!! It will be so so so so exciting!!!!!!!!