Friday, August 8, 2008


wasssss uppppp bloggersss!!!!???!!
i have not blogged for so long!! the reason being  is the Philippinos that live next door, who we secretly got their internet password, moved. Karma i'd say. thieves never prosper... that how that saying goes?? so if we want internet we have to sit out side in the parking lot and even then we dont always get it. BUMMER! so much has happened though so let me get ya'll up to date. we'll work backwards

Jamie and i had the perfect day today, if i had to live another day again it would be this one. We slept in until about nine. AH! felt so nice. we then read some one the twilight books. we are going to re-read them all before we read the fourth and final. i started the first one a while ago and am not almost done with the second. jamie started today and all i am going to say is i better start reading faster!!! she reads so fast and never has to sound out the words like i do.. hukd oon foniks. these books are so fun and i have NO IDEA how she is going to end them. i am so team while jamie is more team jacob...hmm.. all i know is that i have unrealistic expectationss of love because of edward cullen (yes, i did steel that saying off a facebook bumper sticker-so dont try to call me out on not being original). Moving on  after we read we went for a nice run, well i should not say nice i almost melted and got a wicked bad sunburn on my back. AND i almost got hit by a car, no joking, i  literally jumped out of the way of the fast approaching vehicle. jerks. no worries though i did give them the international sign for nearly taking my life, ill repent later promise. after that we got on our scooter and scooted over to the beach. it was so sunny and there was a nice breeze and we just toasted ourselves for a good three hours. when we were medium well done we decided we should probably jet to work for a bit. we did so and millie, at work, gave us plums, they are red and some are green they taste SO nice! (not delicious, spatular,sweet or yummy....just nice like everything else right?) so after work, which was not really work, we went out to dinner to celebrate our missionaries sixth month mark. we went to this place called "eats" we got grilled chicken and a wrap and even spoiled ourselves with an appitizer. after that we rode home wind in our hair and on our hot skin with our VERY full bellies. we decided we would burn a few cals and went on a walk only to load back up on them when we hit dairy queen. we spoiled ourselves AGAIN and didnt get just the little cones we got BLIZZARDS! well, i actually got a malt, so tasty. taste it love it crave it. while we were walking to DQ we were listening to the ipod and singing annoyingly loud. it didnt seem to annoy anyone else though, they would just laugh at us and start singing along.

while we were eating our ice cream we went and sat out on this fishing dock, it was twilight, haha sorry its on my mind i had to say it, and the water was sparkley and perfect. we sat there for a good hour listening to sappy love songs and watching the sun set. PERF! we then walked home singin again and now i am blogging and when i am done with this i am going to go take a hot shower and then read again. life does not get much better.

Thinking of that hot shower makes me not want to keep typing so maybe another day i will catch you up but for now IM OUT!! hope everyone is enjoying gettting ready to go back to schoool!!!! we'll be on the beach in the meantime:)

love the crisp, burnt, extra well done, full, sugar highed casey and jamie

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Ashley said...

ahh case babe im so jealous you seem to be having so much fun! i love it! good for you! wish i was gone doing something fun too! school starts next week and i want to cry just thinking about it so dont bring it up! haha love you