Sunday, August 24, 2008

make it stop make it end

neighbors... love them as i do...they have got to go. leave.. get out.. pack up and ship out. it is 11:02 here and Jamie and i are trying to get some sleep. "why in the world are you blogging then casey?" a question i am sure you are all asking. one word


it is taking all that i have in me not to get out of bed, retainers in, vicks nostrils, face masked face (really does wonders if you sleep with it) bra-less, barefoot and not knock down the neighbors door, rip their karaoke machine out of the wall, throw it on the ground and jump on it until it is in a million tiny little musical pieces and then guiltlessly walk out of there and get seven good full hours of beauty sleep. like i said it is taking everything in me not to do that. "WELL GO CASEY!! YOU HAVE EVERY RIGHT!"

i know i know you are all thinking that and would totally support my decision because it would make for a funny blog not for the sake of my sleep.. but i am not going to do this because these are indeed the neighbors that give us their internet. it is so nice of them to give us their internet but guys come on!! sweet caroline sung by neil diamond is great who doesn't love it but these vodka drinking, late night karaoking MACHINES SUCK!! aaaahhhhh or berlin's and kenny loggin's take my breath away with a philipino accent is my new lullaby. i wake up wanting to go hop in a jet, kiss tom cruise breathlessly, and ship off to battle... and trust me you dont want to wake up feeling that way. jets make you motion sick. tom cruise is old and freaky and ....
ohh wait...! song change ....we got a new song here...what is it??


total eclipse of the heart... ah... my night just keeps getting better!!

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