Saturday, May 23, 2009

"these people KNOW how to go to the beach!!"

This is Escambron Beach... which is actually prob only a mile away from our house...we took the sketchy metrobus to get here though..
We work hard for del sol. yes we do
So i'm sitting in the living room and i hear a HUGE crash..i go running into the bathroom to see what happened and the sink is sitting on the floor and smashed this pipe on its way down...good job casey. Dad, (boyd) if you're reading this give me a call and tell me how to replace a sink pipe (we need to before margarita the landlord comes around)
One of the way sweet colorful streets down here in Puerto Rico. Were obbsessed with all of the colors!
This is part of Old San Juan, it was built in the 1500's. If you ask the crazy guy Tito(whos's real name is herman) who we were walking around with apparently you can hear the "sword fights" late at night...hmmm we might have to check that out


Taryn said...

Good job for updating!! The colors are way pretty there! ....this is for case....good job for breaking the would do something like that haha! Love you guys!

Brittney Maxwell said...

GIRLS!!! i love your blog, and am so jealous your in puerto rico! es muy bonito huh! well keep writing cuz you both are hilarious and keep me entertained at work. love you guys!