Saturday, November 8, 2008


ok ok i get it you all LOVE jamie more than you love me. whatever. 

i should just end the blogging business now and give it over to her. change the name is jamieandcasey.blogspot rather than CASEYandjamie.blogspot. cuz that matters.. it does. 

haha no no i am THRILLED jamie blogged. i was seriously harassing her to figure out why she snapped her laptop shut on me and i must say it was a huge surprise when i got onto the blog and saw that she had posted. and the black eye from her elbow is SO worth it. she is so awesome always giving me little surprises:) whats next JB?? roses. i wouldnt hate it.... 

ok but i am having some thoughts and i would like to share some of them. i have been sitting here on my bed for at least a good hour reading and crying over nienie's blog. if you do not know what that is look to your right on this blog page and click on that pink thing that sayd nie recovery. it is about a mother named stephanie and her husband christian who were in a private plane crash in august and are recovering still from serious burns. they have 4 beautiful children that LUCKILY were not with them. her blog is so awesome. she has been a blogger for years and she truly is so inspiring. she is so in love with her husband, children, and life, has such a strong testimony and makes the best out of every situation.

after reading her blog and going through a roller coster of emotions starting with being totally depressed that i am not that good of a mother to my children and not madly in love with my husband and then realizing i dont even have a hubby or children and then laughing so hard at her ADORABLE red headed child and all of her funny funny stories and considering going vegetarian like her, starting yoga, and having all my children sans medicine... so after all that i saw the bigger picture and i am glad i saw it.

President Hinckley being the amazing prophet that he was once said "Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured" that is a quote we should all live by. forever and everyday.

why are we quick to get mad at others and hold grudges? why do we get down on ourselves for not being a size 2? why do we not enjoy everyday for all that it is worth and soak in every bit of the 86,400 seconds of everyday. we are here to love life. we are here to find joy. to become our best selves. to laugh a lot. to love one another, to eat sugar, to work hard, to play hard, to try hard, to be passionate, to learn, to take a moment for ourselves and give the rest to others, to do service and to ENJOY what God has given us. Nie has opened my eyes, like she has to so many other, i am going to stop worrying about worldly things, stop stressing about not being the coolest person ever, the funniest the best blogger and just LOVE life. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! i am going to do that. i am. and i hope you all do the same. 


Taryn said...

That was so inspiring!! I loved it!! Good job case!! Can you still keep it caseyandjamie because that comes up automatically when i just take in the letter c it is awesome!! Case I love you to darling!! Don't worry....keep up the blogging! You make the stories sound so good!!! Love ya long haired blonde casey!!!

TJ and Stephanie said...

why do we not enjoy everyday for all that it is worth and soak in every bit of the 86,400 seconds of everyday.
SO SO SO true!!! Life flies by way to fast to not enjoy every second of it. Thanks Casey. That is going to be my new motto! Your one smart cookie-you know it?

Ashley said...

i also love the nienie blog! after I heard about the accident through my cousin who is her friend i started reading her blog and was also completely inspired! Thanks for the post! its always nice to remember to slow down and enjoy life, and stop stressing over things that dont matter! i love you case! :)

Anonymous said...

casey responded to your blog did you ever get a chance to read it love grandpa b