Sunday, September 7, 2008

"nigger"itis.... happens

what in the world? i am coming down with what? nigger-itis?? hmm.. strange. for all of you who are terribly worried about my health at this point or where i stand on racism, nigger-itis is what you get after you eat a large meal and then start to feel tired. haha that one threw me for a loop when after lunch one day my black friend Elisia told me i had niger-itis. in my head all i could think was... dont laugh... or should i? what in the world is nigger-itis and what response is she looking for?! she read my face perfectly, saw the stress and explained...ha... it happens.
ok so to do a quick catch up on some events that have been pretty solid in our life i posted a few pictures. eat them up i hope you love!

after work one day we headed to this rockin beach. amazing. we just read and totally chilled, it was a perfect way to end a perfect day on a perfect island in our perfect lives. 
this is what we look like now. a little sun kissed and super super SEXY!
this is ROYLEE ROLSTON ahh he is SO SO cool. he is this new member in the branch and he has the strongest testimony. i can not even explain in an entire blog how amazing he is. i would just break out into song about how much i love him and how incredible he is so... to spare you the howling..i will just say he is amazing and so fun and did WONDERS to our scooter! the two goofy looking kids are the elders. elder Snyder and elder Robertson. what a pair. 
there is this new investigator with the missionaries. he is from Honduras and his girlfriend is from arizona. she wanted to come down here to help him find his way into the church and so the missionaries asked us if she could crash with us for a few days. we are super nice and super good hostesses so of course we said yes and she is here with us now. last night we had the first discussion with the missionaries and boy the CHURCH IS TRUE!! it was amazing and so touching to see someone understand so much and... wow.. here comes the songs... it was great. we'll leave it at that. BUT the coolest thing about this new investigator, besides the fact that Christ is now in his life and he is learning how to pray yadda yadda yadda haha just kidding, he is the captain of one of the boats that goes out to sting ray city and now we have FREE hook ups WHENEVER we want. YATZEE!!! look at the blessings be freaking instantaneous! the above picture is a picture of him, Barren, riding a sting ray. 
and finally, i can not believe i am putting up this Chinese version looking picture of myself, but these starfish were MONDO! and they would suck your hand. ha i just looked at the picture again. my face is so goofy. call me Ching Yao. haha ok that is all for this post sorry it is not even funny. whatev

until next time
Ching Yao-the Chinese man


Tahsha said...

hey, its tahsha....I don't know how often you check your blog, but you should check it now, and make Steph email me or something!!! I'm dying to know how they are doing, and super jealous that they are there, and I am here, blog stalking in my pjs! PS your blog is great! You guys are so cool! I wish I could take 6 months to live on a beach....hmm, wonder what my husband would think of that!!? Take care!

Taryn from America! said...

You promise you would update.....

David and Shalynna said...

I never saw this post, so what a nice surprise it was to read today. I love your header picture. Where is that cute shelf? You are so funny. I wish I could write so that people laugh out loud. My blog is boring except for cute pictures of Paty waving. :)

Anonymous said...

Niggeritis, though rooted in a racist word, isn't an inherently offensive term. Unless you're white and you say it. Yes, there's a double standard.