Sunday, November 16, 2008

badanka dank

hey waaaaass upp foos??

so...............we come home in 42 days..
who is stoked!?

ok this post is for my grandpa booth. hey gramps i did get your comments and LOVE that you read my blog. i love you and miss you and what is your email address?? thank you so much for being there with my mom at the hospital by the way. she loves you. i love you. we love you.

ok enjoy these pictures playyazz, we are terrible at the self timer shot. there are like 17 more where these came from... none with us in them. 

oh and that last picture hahahah lemme see you try to pull off that dance move. serious skilzz right thurr



Anonymous said...

casey my address is i do read your blog and enjoy it your mom is doing great and is being released this date i love and miss ya but really enjoy your writing and blog it is greatlove grandpa b

Taryn said...

love the grandpa!! case one time can i have a post dedicated to me? I am not trying to brag or anything...but i have left a comment on almost every single one of your posts and the very first thing on my scroll down list on my internet...if that makes sense is your blog...therefore that means the is the most frequently visited page! :) You should feel very special...i am just tossing an idea out there :) PS great e-mail!!!

Kara said...

You guys look hot I mean seriously! I wish I could look that good as a blurred color flashing across the beach haha! Love you guys!