Monday, September 29, 2008

jamie you sing! doo doo doo duh doo doo doo hhahahaha

ok so i have been trying to get onto my blog for like twenty minutes now, trying every email i have, which is two, and password, which is one, and it was switching it all around making me another jamie casey blog. i dont want two, one will do. what in the world, drrraammma. but i am hear now and it is good to be here. how is everyone?? i have not blogged since the seventh?! and today the month is over..time is FLYING!

ok so like a month ago shalynnER ( hahahahaha) tagged me or whatev it is called and i need to list six random facts about myself so... echm... here i go

1. most people already know this, but it is so strange none the less, i can not do the number three on my left hand. dont know why, birth defect, i have never been able to and totally totally thought it was the norm till about... oh fifth grade. my fifth grade teacher, mr. malmrose, made you put your hand in the air with the number 3 on your fingers if you had to go to the bathroom. this way he would not have to stop his lesson and ask what you wanted he would just see the 3 and nod. genius really. ok not so much for casey. i would hold up this retard of a hand and never get the nod. thanks a million mr.m for making me look like a fool and never getting to empty my bladder which leads me right into my next fact

numba 2. my bladder is so so small. i feel like this is gross talking about my inside body parts. it should not be weird. we all have them and YOU would be the weird one if you didnt. right?? but i still feel weird so we will keep it short. my bladder is SO small. no biggie for me to pee OVER 20 times a day. annoying? INCREDIBLY!

twa(took french for five years and can not remember how to spell 3, that is a random fact in itself) number 3 i dont like bottom lash mascara. well i should be more clear i do not like it on myself, i feel like a spider and uggs. some people look great i just feel..?? creepy. i dont want everyone to stop wearing it on their bottom lashes now though, because i know my opinion on the where abouts of your mascara IS the most important one you get... no no no keep wearing i will just choose to not.

4. i think my family has bad luck, well not bad lucky we are so so so so extremely blessed. so i wouldn't say bad luck but, things always go wrong for my family. no lie. things break, not because of us, usually, things just break, we got guitar hero for Christmas, put it in, wouldn't work. our neighbors got it. it still works. we are on our THIRD unsuccessful CD and 2nd play-station. it just doesn't work. we also LOVE to pay full price for everything. my mom will go to the store and buy something expensive and then the next day or week someone gets it from the same place for WAY cheaper. i can not think of any good examples but things just break and what not. zippers, buttons, cds, CARS, scooters, all of it.. we paying full price and then busting it. its our thing i guess?? we also are alwasy second best. i feel like we are always being one up-ed. we are not the most competitive people in the world but that gets annoying let me tell you. its weird it is like bad karma or something.. strange. uprades is another big one. i will buy the new high tech fancy duty woohoo and then no less than a month later the NEW-ER improved high tech fancy woohoo comes out. without fail. whatev.. im over it.

5. i am an abnormally loud chewer. i get it from mr.guy madsen. ever since i was little i always thought that my dad chewed so loud and i would think "gosh dad hungry?" but i am the same way!! down at college i would always go sit it taryn's room and talk to her with a little bag of carrots or something. i would only stay for a few minutes before i was harassed and kicked out. apparently the chewing was too loud and interrupted her blog stalking. she'd rather be a freak and know every small detail of you fellow bloggers lives than put up with the carrot chomping and build a stronger relationship between the two of us. taryn... PRIORITIES!!

6. this is probably not that random i think a lot of people do this but i count every step i take when i am just walking somewhere alone. i do it without thinking. all of the sudden i am just counting on number 27 or something and just continue, i dont know if i started from number one but i just catch on where ever i am and start counting. im also obsessed with time. i love writng down every second of everyday and to do list and things i want to accomplish how many pages of the book i want to read my exact calorie intake. this can be a healthy habit but i need to stop i stress myself out too much and get so angry at myself if i do not get to cross off everything on my list. kinda freaky

ok there are some random facts. thinking of those was a lot harder than i thought but it is done and i can cross it off my list ha. i will try to get jamie to post six things about her because i feel like her family would like to hear from her rather than me.

BUT, before i go i want to give a shout out to my parents. both of their birthdays were this month and i want them to know how much i love them. i never compliment them enough on things that really count. i always tell my mom the dumbest things about her that impress me. like parking she is so so good at parking our huge denali perfectly in tiny little spots. like at costco where all the car are like two inches apart. she gets in their straight up. incredible. or shuffling cards, she does that bridge thing and i never dont awe. i will never be able to do that. i blame in on my retard hand birth defect. or her hand writing. she could hand write wedding invitations. i never tell her that i think she is so beautiful and that i want to be just like her when i grow up. i think she has raised us kids with such a perfect balance. we set high goals for ourselves and try hard in all that we do and that is because of her. all that i am i owe to my mother. and to my dad, he is the jolliest dad out there. i love making my dad laugh more than anything. when my mom laughs at me it is no big thing because she laughs ALL the time but my dad when he laughs i feel like freakin jerry seinfield. i think i am so funny. he is the most tender man and has the strongest testimony. because of him i know without a doubt the church is true and what love for the gospel and for family really is. i love my parents.

p.s. jamie and i joined out choir at church. HEAVEN HELP US!!


David and Shalynna said...

This was such a sweet tribute to your parents. I'm almost crying over here! I can't wait to meet them.

Abby said...

This was sooooooo funny! I laughed my butt off. And, when I read it to Mom and Dad they both laughed their butt's off too.

Good times, good times!

Ashley said...

haha case! i loved your 6 random facts :D and i laughed about you joining ward choir! lol yay for dancers that cant sing but try! woot woot! i bet you guys will be the stars in no time at all :D

angelerk said...

hahah case i miss you so much girl!! haah your 6 random facts i love them haha i love the steps you count because ahha i kinda do the same thing but when i am driving i like tap my toes on the ground like right then left right left right left and i could the white lines... hahah weird?? but anywhoo i love you and miss you!! tim has left... he is home in australia for 6 weeks then off to new zealand for 2 years!! holy crazy i know!! and i still really want to serve a mish babe!!!!! i love you :)